What’s so advanced about Advanced?
Since we opened our doors in 1990, we’ve watched other print shops open theirs, and more than a few close them again. Our survival strategy is the oldest and worst kept secret in the world, but nonetheless seems lost on many a competitor: We give clients what they want, occasionally more, in hopes that they’ll come back again. Generally, they do.

That’s not exactly advanced. Then again, maybe it is.

Technical reasons we’re ahead of the game

It might be that we have more equipment in-house than most other downtown printers. Presses, bindery equipment, finishing and scoring apparatus, cutters, folding machines and other gizmos enable us to perform the bulk of our work on-site at our King St. shop. This lets us maintain total control over the process, so you get a superior finished product.

Advancedgraphics.ca: A work in progress
We created this site to give our customers easier ways to work with us. We view it as an unending project, built on your needs and suggestions. If you have an idea to make it better, let us know.


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